You're invited to a FREE 3 part video series to discover and embody a range of transformative technique sthat you can use in your daily life and with others to activate the healer within.

This experience is for:

people eager who want to be more equipped with easily accessible resources to ease the 'fight, freeze & flight' response.

people who are doing the 'inner work' and are keen to learn simple tools to recognise, feel and acknowledge deep seated emotions and how to integrate them without spiritually bypassing.

practitioners wanting to add more value to their sessions by incorporating client-led instantly integrated techniques.

parents and teachers looking for creative and simple tools to use with their children to acknowledge emotions.

This transformative certified healing modality based on 18 years of research is a blend of processes based on

intuitive relating, biofeedback tools, meditation, quantum healing and kinesiology.

The essence of this modality is a holistic approach in creating a safe space for people to acknowledge, feel and integrate the deep seated separated or wounded parts of themselves into their wholeness while activating their authentic blueprint.

Cellular memory is activated through intuitive relating techniques and biofeedback tools such as muscle testing are used to determine core beliefs, feelings, experiences and energies that may need to be acknowledged, shifted, transmuted and/or integrated.

The vision of Aurora School of Natural Healing is to co-create a safe and playful space where people can access

powerful healing tools to acknowledge, feel and integrate the separated, wounded or disconnected parts of themselves and activate their authentic blueprint.

Let's together activate the healer within!

Welcome to this space of healing, play, growth and expansion!

We are Jay and Astara (and baby Phoenix!). We live on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia.

We have been so passionate about deep diving into our own inner realms with various healing techniques over the years to meet the suppressed, separated and wounded parts of ourselves and integrate these parts into our wholeness.

It's been big, bold and beautiful.

It's been messy, playful, horrendous and divine.

Ooooeeeee life and it's mysterious gifts and lessons!

We are so excited to be co-creating this space led by Spirit/Source/High Self/God for people to access these tools for their own inner exploration.

We believe that everyone can access their own inner healer within while being lovingly witnessed by heart centred community to acknowledge, feel and integrate the shadow aspect or wounded parts of who we are.

From this space we can truly access our authentic blueprint and soul's codings to rock up in our lives as the magnificent beings that we are.

We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land where we call home where the wisdom radiates through all that we are a conduit for in service to humanity in play, love and gratitude.

We look forward to playing with you soon!

With absolute love,

Astara and Jay

"I found answers that gave me clarity, and I felt as if I could finally move on and pursue the healing I need."

Vee Meleisea

Co-founder of

Trinity Retreats


"‘Remembership’ was a 12 month mentorship course I took with Astara online, it was very well put together with tools that will come in handy for a lifetime.

She helped us gain confidence with practice, knowledge and science to back it all up.

I am able to help all the people that I am privileged to walk this life with as a result of my new skills.

You will not be disappointed with her guidance and her fun loving energetic and contagious laughter.”

Amy Moore
Interventionist & Coach


"Astara’s energy is so comforting and warm, I felt so safe tuning in and releasing everything that’s built up inside me throughout my life.

The energy healing was an eye opener to emotions I was unaware of carrying, afterwards I felt so light and relieved."

Ebba Hook

Co-founder of

Trinity Retreats


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